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Ghana export chocolate bars, couverture chocolate and cocoa butter

We are the first cocoa industry in Ghana with a processing capacity of  65.000 MT per year. Our equipments and quality premium cocoa beans 100%, wholly natural sun dried, allow us to produce
- fine international quality chocolate

- couverture chocolate in 25 kg blocks
- 2 types of instant drinking chocolate in 250, 400 and 500g packaging
- cocoa butter
- natural or
alkalized cocoa powder

Extra quality chocolate bars

We got several international awards for our confectioneries. Our products are 100% cocoa made without any other vegetable product such soybean.

Chocolate in 20 and 50 g bars in displays. Displays with all flavours available
Chocolate in 100g bars; other size upon request

milk chocolate, milk chocolate with groundnuts, lemon, orange and coffee flavoured milk chocolate, dark chocolate with or without milk (42% cocoa).

Upon request we offer 70% and over dark chocolate or chocolate under customer specifications with private brand.




Dark milk


Milk and nuts



Example of information
printed on labels

Instant drinking chocolate

Packing and containers loading capacity

Cocoa butter and cocoa powder

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