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Trendy backpacks, travel bags, handbags and shopping bags made of Madagascar natural fibres

Madagascar raffia and natural fibres bags and products

With over 25,000 acres plantations we are producer with up to date equipments  of upscale fibres products meeting international quality standards at very competitive prices.
We use grade 1 natural fibres such leisure raffia, sisal, jute, cotton sisal and non mulberry silk.

Our range of products includes

Baskets and shopping bags
Travel bags
Beach bags

Several raw materials and many colors available See

Other Madagascar fibres products

Baskets for kids and cloth dolls
Penjy fibres floor mats

Raffia raw material

We have a large exclusive area to collect raffia and we export high quality raffia for decoration and horticultural quality raffia. We collect and export also natural sisal and other plants. Horticultural raffia information

We can produce as per customers specifications