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Export offer of Ethiopia highlands black tea

Export offer of Ethiopia highlands black tea

Chewaka Tea Estate and Tea Factory

Chewaka situated in the scenic beauty of the Highlands in the South West of Ethiopia at an altitude of 6,000 ft above sea level with an average rainfall of 2300mm is one of the most suitable topography to grow high quality tea by any world standard.

The tea bushes are established on virgin soil rich in organic nutrients and very little supplementary fertilizer is required for optimal production. We have taken advantage of existing knowledge and technology to plant the best quality varieties of tea available.

We employ top quality management and state of the art technology in its production and manufacturing processes, which is carried out in the most eco-friendly and sustainable manner. These, combined with a most favourable climatic environment for tea production, have enabled us to produce some of the best quality teas, which is marketed internationally.

Bulk deliveries in PP woven bags of 50 kg each.

We specialized in producing and marketing top quality CTC teas. The range of products includes BP1, PF1 PD and D1. We have intention to increase this range to meet the ever-increasing demand for various types of tea products in the international tea market.

We export teas regularly to neighbouring countries such as Sudan, Djibouti and Egypt. We have over the last two years exported teas further field to Pakistan and the Middle East.
We'll enjoy to offer our tea towards new countries with our Singapore partners.

Ethiopia black tea
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