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Algeria organic and conventional Deglet Nour dates

Owners of several Deglet-Nour date palms plantations in Tolga, Biska area we export own production and dates from selected other Deglet Nour date palms plantations.
Our plantations are in the well known best area for Deglet Nour dates, close Tolga in Borg Ben Azzouz.
Our Deglet Nour dates are only pure Deglet Nour from Delglet Nour male and Deglet Nour female trees

Palmier � dattes deglet nour d'Alg�rie photographi� en juillet Dattes deglet nour d'Alg�rie photographi�es en juillet

Dattes certifi�es Agriculture Biologique par Ecocert

Info nutritionnelle dattes deglet nour
Nutrition facts
Emballage de 5kg des dattes Deglet Nour d'Alg�rie
 5kg packaging *

Deglet Nour dates export information

The Deglet Nour, known as the "queen of dates" is one of Algeria's biggest agricultural assets. The sweet, juicy and transparent-looking date is Europe's most popular date.

Algeria is the world's second largest producer of these dates after Tunisia. According to the Algerian ministry of agriculture, the production of dates will reach an all-time record of 550,000 tonnes this year 2006.

In 2005, production stood at 516,320 tonnes, compared with 442,569 tonnes in 2004 and 472,154 tonnes in 2003. Government subsidies helped revive and extend the palm groves.

However, Algeria only managed to place 24,000 tonnes in 2005, less than 5% of its production. Some 11,260 tonnes were placed on the European (primarily French) and to a lesser extent American markets, raising around 19 million dollars, whilst 12,650 were traded against local products with bordering African countries.


Organic Deglet Nour dates
Conventional agriculture Deglet  Nour dates


The dates have to be stored in cool places

2 years shelf life at -4�-0� Celcius


Small branches, clusters....

Packing examples




Deglet Nour (small branches)

 02 kg


Deglet Nour  (small branches)

 01 kg


Deglet Nour ( Delight )

 500 g


Deglet Nour ( Comettes )

 250 g


05 natural dates boxes


05 natural wrapped dates boxes


Date paste

 1 kg



 500 g



 250 g


Deglet Nour (White)

 1 kg


Deglet Nour Standard Casket

 500 g


Deglet Nour Standard Box

 10 kg


Deglet Nour Standard Box

 5 kg

Exportation season

The crop starts around mid October
The new crop exportation starts at the beginning of November
We export all year long

Minimum order

No minimum order but the prices decrease according the quantity


We use to export by airway
As the dates are stored in cold room allow maximum 2 weeks from your order for a delivery towards main destinations

Payments conditions

30 % with the order
balance against documents
Consult us for other options

* photo for illustration purpose only

Ref to remind: Algeria dates

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