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West Africa cotton batches for sale
Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Mali

Burkina Faso cotton fibers batch offer

Cte d'Ivoire cotton fibers batch offer example

Well known professionaà l'exporter offers cotton fibers stored in Abidjan port forwarding agent warehouses

- Mambo N: 1.332 GW 333,755 kg, NW 330,797kg

- Mambo S: 1.332 / GW 8,607 kg NW 8,531kg

- Mambo C: 1.332 /  GW 14,634 kg NW 14,504kg

- Bema N: 1.332 / GW 30,164 kg NW 29,896kg

- Bema C: 1.332 / GW 57,866 kg NW 57,358kg

- Core: 1.332 / GW 41,754 kg NW 41,386kg

Nota Mambo N: 1.332. 1.332 = fibers length

Consult us for availabilities

Other cotton fibers batches

As the deals for cotton batches are finalized in a very short time, professional buyers can contact us to be informed of batches offers in Abidjan, Cotonou and Lome ports

Ivory Coast cotton fibers batch Ivory Coast cotton fibers batch Ivory Coast cotton fibers batch

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