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Cote d'Ivoire cocoa powder for export

Cote d'Ivoire alkalized cocoa powder in 25kg bags

From Abidjan CE approval producer, alkalized cocoa powder and natural cocoa powder for export

Cocoa powder general & microbiological specification

Cocoa powder general & microbiological specification

Cocoa powder export information

The alkalized cocoa powder is less bitter with less acidity than natural cocoa powder.

Shelf life: 2 years

Packing in  25kg bags 2 ply kraft paper with inside waterproof plastic liner

Quantity: minimum 600 MT per month
Minimum order:  2 x 20 feet containers of 20-21 MT; deliveries also in 40 feet containers (27 tonnes)

Samples available but courier fees have to be paid by the customer before the sending
Customers are welcome in Ivory Coast if they want to check a first delivery or to visit us

Cocoa powder sale procedure

Cocoa powder sales procedure

As our production is 100% planed we thank you to send only precise requests

We offer also monthy 200 to 300 MT of cocoa mass (cocoa paste / chocolate liquor) in blocks

Our cocoa butter

Abidjan contact

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