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Cote d'Ivoire cocoa butter for export

cocoa butter

Ivory Coast cocoa beans transformer offers for export high quality cocoa butter


Fat  (% DM): 98,96%
Oleic acid 5,49%
Humidity: 0,20%
pH variation < 0,5
Salmonella: none
Molds: none
Mesophile Clostridium: none
Thermophile Clostridium: none
Mesophile Bacilus: none
Thermophile Bacilus: none
Laboratory report (in French)
Physical analysis (in French)

Packing in  25kg cartons
Quantity per 20’ FCL: 15 MT

Upon request SGS control before shipping
FOB delivery time 15-30 days depending the quantity

Payment: 30% with the order and balance before shipping

Sample available but DHL or other sending fees at buyer’s cost

The photo is for illustration purpose only

We produce also cocoa powder

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