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Chad acacia Senegal and acacia seyal Arabic gum

Chad acacia senegal Arabic gum kordofan type Chad localisation on Africa map

Located N'Djamena we are direct exporter for years of Chad hard acacia Senegal Arabic gum and friable acacia seyal Arabic gum

2 qualiteies are exported:
- quality 1: hard acacia Senegal Arabic gum (called Kordofan in Sudan and Kitir in Chad)
- quality 2: friable acacia seyal Arabic gum (called Talha)

Crop season:
- December to May for acacia Senegal Arabic gum
- February to July for acacia seyal Arabic gum

Average production of Arabic gum in Chad, depending climatic conditions
- quality 1: from 3000 metric tonnes (bad climatic conditions) to 7000 tonnes (good climatic conditions)
- quality 2: from 7000 to 12000 metric tonnes

quality analysis is done by government official ''Eaux et Forets'' department who issues a phytosanitary certificate. A certificate of origin is isued by Chad Commerce and Industry Chamber.

The control when shipping is done under forwarding agent responsibility according customer request.

Usually we sell FOB to forwarding agent warehouses such SDV Delmas Vieljeux or Saga Stat

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