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Madagascar Centella asiatica extract powder and other dried plants

Madagascar Centella asiatica extract powder

We are a plant collector and processor. We exported since 1995 over 60 metric tons per year of raw and dried Centella asiatica. To reduce the shipping cost to overseas markets we export now only Centella asiatica extract powder.

Centella asiatica extract powder technical specifications





Raw material

Plant: Centella asiatica, Gotu kola


Hygroscopic crystalline powder


Yellow mustard


Insoluble in water and benzen
Soluble in alcohol 90�

Loss on drying (halogenous dessicator)

<4%  w /w

Sulfuric ashes

<1% w/w



Heavy metals


Assay ( HPTLC):


Genins (Asiatic Madecassic acids)

24-44% w/w

34-66% w/w


Asiaticoside, Asiatic acid and  Madecassic acid

Packaging in plastic boxes and cartons or plastic boxes in crates depending the quantity

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Essential oils:
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Cinnamomum camphora
Eucalyptus citriodora
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Vegetal oil:
Calophyllum inophyllum

Dried plants:
Centella asiatica
Cedrelopsis grevei
Aphleoia theaformis
Nymphea stellata
Bambusa vulgaris
Bambusa capitata wild
Musa paradisiaca

To receive a complete information we need to know which quantity you seek. Thank you.

Remind please our reference: MG2491 or Centella asiatica
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