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Burkina Faso white sesame for export

Burkina Faso white sesame for export

Experimented exporter who delivers sesame to Japan and China offers Burkina last crop white sesame for deliveries from October to end of March

Previsional deliveries: 300 MT and over per month

The sesame is cleaned with an Italian Maseto machine

Sesame average specification
Humidity: 3-5%, Impurities: 0.3-1 % , Oleic acidity 1.8% , Oil content 46-52 % ; Infestation: none alive insects

Packing in new PP bags stitched with machine

Quantity per 20' container : 18 - 19 tonnes

Stuffing of containers in Ouagadougou under SGS or Veritas control

Forwarding agent: SDV or SAGA or SNTB.

100% secure transport by train to Abidjan port

Samples available by DHL but courier fees at customer cost
Mottled sesame also available.

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