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Necessary information for an importation request or a quotation request

For a request to buy the main rules to succeed could be:

1. A precise request:
- quality and/or specifications
- Exact quantity
- Delivery time
- Port of delivery if CFR request...
- Any useful information the seller has to know once, before to quote
Ex: if  you ask for a Performance Bond

Special procedure for commodities such rice sugar and flour or cement... see

1.1 Request of machine plant
No contact and no reply without a minimum prior information see

2. Target price
It is useful to mention your realistic target price..
This information allows the supplier to know if he is in position to make an offer and also to know you are a professional.
For some products a target price is now requested or we and the suppliers will not reply: tomato paste, photocopy paper, tyres, small orders of wheat flour or rice ...

3.It's highly recommended to confirm a request by fax on official corporate letterhead.
Many suppliers require it.

4. Restrictions and conditions for some commodities and important orders
Most of suppliers will ask for any quotation request for cereals, rice and wheat over 1000 MT, sugar, cocoa beans, cotton seeds, cotton fibers, cement, fertilizers, customized machine plants...and any request over 100.000 USD will require:
4.2 A confirmation of the request by fax   and /or
4.1 A Recent and original signed LOI and/or BCL sent by fax or postal mail
- Letter of Intention of purchase
- Bank Comfort Letter

For products such tomato paste, A4 photocopy paper, pastas, meat, frozen fish...  most of suppliers will not reply without a target price.

5. Other useful documents
- FPA (Irrevocable payment order)
- NCND (Non-Disclosure Non-Circumvention Agreement)
- LC Draft Irrevocable and confirmed credit letter at sight

6. Samples
Many suppliers refuse to send samples if they don't know the customer
If samples are sent you will have to pay prior the sending DHL or other company fees
For many products the sample has to be paid also.

The buyer identity

It is important to send immediately an exact and precise corporate information including corporate name, postal address + + fax
It is appreciated, if you have an officiaĆ  l'export registration number, a trade registration number to mention it.
Its better to mention immediately if you are a producer, agent, house of commerce...
If you want to buy mention precisely in which quality (final customer, commercial firm, official broker, independent agent, individual...
Generally all information that contributes to establish your credibility will support your business. You can be well known in your country and not abroad.

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Buyers: there are no fees for buyers

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English is the usual international trade language but some good suppliers cannot communicate easily in this idom. contacts

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