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Requested information to submit an export offer on & SCAC Network Web sites

For your commercial offer efficiency on our Web Network, for visitors and customers guarantee we cannot insert an offer without a complete product information.
You can send complete files and photos; if your product requires special pages, we'll do it for free. If you have a web site, please send it's address.
Dont forget an offer by Internet will have to be more professional and precise that it would be done by other ways, more traditional.
The professional visitors must immediately know they read an offer issued from another professional.

The minimum rules and  information are the following ones 

1.1. the name of the product: very precisely define the product by its name of use in the international trade which can be different from the local name
Ex: the bissap in West Africa is in fact Hibiscus Sabdariffa
For the products such seafood and plants the best way is to send the scientific name in Latin who is used in all countries.
For industrial products give all the precise characteristics of them.
Ex: we offer trucks, boats or computers does not have any sense.

1.2. the exact origin
1.2.1. Sometimes a product in not coming from the country exporting it
1.2.2. For some products there are several qualiteies depending the areas in the same country
Ex: for cashew nut or tea some areas cashews are more required than others in a same country

1.3. qualiteies and /or specifications
They are essential and imperative.
Ex: chemical composition of an vegetable oil, shea butter ...
Ex2: ingredients of any processed food product
Ex 3: Exact quality of agro-products
An offer offer of cocoa has no sense without all usual specifications in use in the cocoa trade market such ''well fermented'' ...; idem for cashew nut with ''turn-over''... or grade for Arabic gum...
1.3.1. Precise the availability of analysis and source of it
1.3.2 international standards certification...
Organic certified by ....
CE or FDA approval

1.4.0 the export season if any and if no availabilities all year long

1.4. exact conditioning / packing
1.4.1. the exact packing EX: PP bag, carton with liner inside...
1.4.2. net weight
1.4.3. number of packing units per carton or pallet if any etc...
1.4.4. number of packing units per 20' and 40' container

1.5. exact quantity available of the product if any limitation (Ex for agro-products)
1.5.1. periodicity of the offer if seasonal product
1.6. FOB  time delivery
1.6.1. minimum order; if  it s a container of 20 or 40 mention the weight 

1.7. exact unit FOB price (mention the port name); if it is EXW mention it.
1.7.1 precise conditions of payment and the possibility or not of CIF or CFR deliveries buyers will ask for a Performance Bond; mention it only if you offer this possibility
1.7.3 validity of the offer if you send prices

1.8 any other useful information the buyer has to know
Ex: If available precise the conditions to get samples 

The same information is requested for industrial products, machine plants etc...

2. Other useful documents
- FPA (Irrevocable payment order)
- NCND (Non-Disclosure Non-Circumvention Agreement)
- LC Draft Irrevocable and confirmed credit letter at sight

The seller identity

It is important to send immediately an exact and precise corporate information including corporate name, postal address + + fax
It is appreciated, if you have an officiaĆ  l'export registration number, a trade registration number to mention it.
Its better to mention immediately if you are a producer, agent, house of commerce...
If you want to buy mention  precisely in which quality (final customer, commercial firm, official broker, independent agent,  individual...). 
Generally all information that contributes to establish your credibility will support your business. You can be well known in your country and not abroad.

SCAC Network success fees

Insert offers is free and unlimited.

Buyers: there are no fees for buyers

Sellers: to send a sale offer to Export-forum implies explicitly the sender of this sale proposal agrees to pay a commission to SCAC Network for any sale done to a customer from our web sites if SCAC Network business services assistance is provided..Conditions and success fees

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