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Small business, handicraft, convenience goods, household and second hand products

These pages for free ads are strictly reserved for small business ads, household, handicraft, used clothes and second hand goods offers, punctual offers to sell or requests to buy. No marriage advertisement or similar allowed.
We reserve the right to insert the offer in the main Forum pages or to refuse any inappropriate ad or misleading advertisement.

To insert an ad you have only to send an email to:

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Mandatory to add in the ''Subject'' line of your email the letters PA

With the following information:

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- city, state or province if any, and your country *
- a phone contact, if useful
- a fax if any (recommended)
- a postal address, if useful
- an Email address */ **
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* Mandatory
Free E-mail address such Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo... highly recommended to avoid Spam.
*** Educational tone please and not advertising. We welcome photos and documents if useful.
(1) Messages with other purpose than ad will be trashed.

To insert a direct link with your  business web site from your ad consult Advertising services

We'll insert your ad for three months.
If your ad has an actual interest free translation into French towards the 56 countries and states which use French such as 21 African countries, France, Canada, Belgium, Swiss, Luxemburg, Haiti, French West Indies, Reunion island... 
Over 500 ads in French

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